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I had excruciating low back pain for several months after giving birth. One day I bent over to put something in the dishwasher, my back locked up on me and I just fell over onto the counter in great pain. I could barely walk after that and couldn't hold my baby. That's when I went to Dr. Ward after getting a referral from a massage therapist. The therapist just raved about how wonderful Dr. Ward was and told me that she and her two kids had been going to her for quite some time. Dr. Ward did a thorough examination on me and explained to me how she was going to help me. I started going to her twice a week. After about a month I was feeling So Much better.

One day when I was getting my treatment I mentioned to Dr. Ward that my baby, who was 4 months old at the time, had really bad acid reflux and was on lots of medication. The pediatrician had told us that she would be on the Zantac and Prevacid until she was twelve to fifteen months old, was the norm for this condition.. Dr. Ward explained to me that she could help her and get her to where she wouldn't need to be on all that medication. I was a little skeptical, but very hopeful. I knew that all medicines have side effects and it couldn't be all that good for a developing little baby. I decided to see if Dr. Ward could help her.

I was surprised that such gentle and subtle adjustments were helping my baby. After only three weeks my baby was totally weaned off all her meds and doing very well. I was Amazed…this truly was a Miracle! We kept going for weekly and then eventually for every other week visits. After a few short months we were able to cut it down to only once a month visits just for maintenance for us both.

I am so Grateful for what Dr. Ward has done for me, and especially my baby! She truly has made a huge difference in our lives! I know that we were guided to her and we have been so Blessed!!!

Many Thanks!!

- J.C.

Hi Dr.Ward

I just want to thank you for giving me my life back when I came into your office on Aug.29th of this year i had lost all hope of ever being pain free .I woke up on Jun 29,2011 in pain from my neck all down my left arm. After going to four different doctors and one chiropractor I was still in a lot of pain everyday. I was taking the pain pills each doctor prescribed at least three times a day. I met one of your patients one day an she told me i should try you an see if you could help.

After leaving your office with just one adjustment I had hope again I felt fifty percent better.I kept praying an asking God to heal me not knowing he was going to do it through a person. I have hardly any pain when I do what you tell me to I take no pain pills at all. My husband also wants to thank you Ii can do my own hair now. I realize now all thatI I went through wasn't just for me now Ii can help other people that have given up on being pain free.

Thank You

It always amazes me how Dr. Kerri finds each spot where I am hurting without my input. The mental connection with my body is awesome! And the spiritual uplift I receive each visit is wonderful! God blesses me!!



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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I could never say enough about how amazing Dr Kerri and her staff! My youngest has been coming in since an infant and they are always so amazing with him as well as with our schedule. My little loves getting his “boop boops” as she calls them and always just hops right up on the table! I recommend Acheiving Wellness to everyone I know and look forward to continuing to see the lovely ladies of the office for as long as necessary."
    Ashley B.
  • "The moment you walk in you feel the love! Amazing friendly staff!! Always smiling and the music is always uplifting! Dr. Keri is will walk out of there feeling blessed and Jules has a God given gift for healing!
    I have had three raindrop massages and each one has been different but healing in so many ways! I have felt spiritual mental and physical healing!
    Thank you to all who work there for allowing my daughters and I to feel like family!"
    Barbara W.